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Laser Print provides both Black & White and COLOUR Photocopying services.

Whether it's just a one-off copy or bulk copying we cater for all needs. Our machines are maintained in tip-top to condition to ensure you get perfect copies every time.

Multiple documents
Duplex copying (double sided)
Copying on card stock, transparencies ...

Copies can be enlarged to A3 without any loss of Quality. Old photos often come out better when we copy them. Other things you can get copied ...

Knitting Patterns
Overhead Projection Sheets

The list is endless .. it's up to you !

Our Photocopying service combined with our Design Service and our Binding Service produces documents which you can present and be proud of.


Photocopying Ideas

Household Management
Household Recipe Book. Copy your favourite recipes and put them all in one notebook. (It is fair use to copy a recipe or two out of a library book, but if you were going to use a bunch of them, you ought to buy the book.) Include your favourite clay recipe, paste, and paints as well. Slip everything in clear report cover sheets for extra hard duty.

Homeschool Activities

Quick Toddler Activity. Photocopy a few objects; a spoon, a pencil, a paper clip, etc. Let your child match the objects to the paper. Blank Game Format. Make up some basic blank game formats such as bingo, lotto, concentration, go fish, matching, or games where you roll dice and follow the squares. Photocopy or copy these onto card stock. You can quickly produce a game format for your child. An older sibling can challenge their own understanding of a topic while developing a game for a younger child.

Social Studies Activities.

If you own a set of encyclopedias, you can make the information much more accessible in your home/school. Use it as a source for pictures, lists, and timelines, as well as information. You can quickly translate these sources into your own worksheets, mini-posters and hands-on activities. Copy a list of events and faces of people relative to those events and post it in the kitchen, above a bed, or in a bathroom.
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