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We have come across some very useful and completely Free tools related to printing and would like to pass them along to you. Yes, we realise that by clicking on the links that you'll be taken away from this site. So you'll be offered a "pop up" window when clicking on the links. We will add to these tools as we find new ones.... Enjoy and Please Come Back!...

Photo Paper Saver -- This program lets you make lots of photo reprints quickly, easily, and save money at the same time. The program will automatically layout all your different prints using the LEAST amount of space so you waste less photo paper when you cut them out. * Free download, you just can't print as many sheets as with the registered version but it works Great!.

FancyFax allows you to create fancy fax cover sheets which can be printed and used with any standalone fax machine. If you have a faxmodem installed in your computer you can fax single page sheets directly from the program. It features: 6 amusing images to dress up your cover sheet (or you can add your own colorful BMP image); a choice of any font or size, etc.; your message can be up to 5,000 characters (over 60 lines of normal-sized text); and more! In many cases you only need to send the single sheet and you can compose and send your fax from within this program. (it lacks a preview mode but we just printed out the cover sheet until we had it just right). The program is freeware and requires free registration. The registration code: D4059068101, which is also mentioned in the included 'helpfile'. size:119K

pdfFactory - The first PDF creation tool designed for non-expert users. With pdfFactory, anyone can create PDF documents that can be published on web sites, emailed or archived. pdfFactory supports all international languages including symbolic fonts, Asian and Central European fonts. Among its features: automatically combines multiple documents into a single PDF, page insert/delete, send as email. You may download a trial version of pdfFactory. ** The trial version does not have a time limit but prints an advertisement at the bottom of each sheet. When the program is purchased, the advertisement and the page limitation will be removed.

FTPrint (Fast Text Print) allows you to print text files under Windows 95/98/NT/2000 in a printer's text mode. Usually, when printing text files under Windows, the printer operate in a graphics mode. For dotmatrix and inkjet printers text mode printing is faster than graphics and more economical. Save Time and Money! If your printer is dotmatrix or inkjet and your text doesn't contain complex formatting (source code, documentation, logs, books, etc), print it with FTPrint. Of course, you can print your texts in text mode by copying it to 'prn' or other similar way. But FTPrint divides text into pages for your convenience and also you can use different printer's fonts and styles (bold, condensed, canvas, quality, etc.)

Reform (FreeWare 8.0) -- Never pay for pre-printed business forms again.... Replace your pre-printed forms, convert your ordinary looking forms to graphically enriched ones! Reform is a form printing engine for all accounting & form systems. This free version is limited but still has great features.

DoublePage -- A Free Microsoft Word 6.0/7.0/97/2000 Printer Add-On That Prints Documents In A 2-Column Landscape Format With About 1 Page Per Column. It Supports Simple Or More Complex Documents. An Easy Way To Cut Down On Paper Costs And Help Save A Tree! What Sets It Apart From Similar Tools: The Ability To Handle Frames, Footnotes, And Tables. Some Foreign Language Are Supported.

Capture Express -- This Is A Very Coolscreen Capture Utility That Lets You Capture Areas Of The Screen In A Variety Of Shapes. Once Capture Express Is Launched, It Remains Hidden Until Activated With The Press Of A Hot Key. Use It To Capture: The Whole Screen, A Window, A Window Client Area, Or An Area In A Specific Shape (Such As A Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Square, Rounded Square, Ellipse, Circle, Triangle, Diamond, Star Or Polygon. You Can Add Colored Borders To The Shapes, And Select A Masking Color To Go Around The Shapes. You Can Capture, Load, Edit, And Save Screen Shots In A Variety Of Image File Formats, Including BMP, JPG and GIF. ** While Capturing An Area, You Can Stretch And Move The Grabber Tool Using The Mouse. You Can Also Print Screen Shots, Copy Them To The Clipboard, Or Send Them To Others Via E-Mail. This Latest Version Includes An Option To Print the Image From 100% To 900% Of The Original Image Size.

InkMonitor/HPMonitor v1.2 -- This Is A Useful And Free Program For Ink Printers (Designed Especially For Hewlett-Packard Models, But Will Work With Any Other Type, Such As Canon, Epson, Etc.). It Allows You To Track The Amount Of The Ink In Your Printer Cartridge According To The Number Of Already Printed Pages. This Version Has An Updated Algorithm For Calculating The Amount Of The Ink In The Cartridge For Even Better Results. Select The Type Of Ink Cartridge You Use And Then Enter The Amount Of Previously-Printed Pages. This Program Knows How Many More Pages You Can Print, According To The Selected Cartridge. It Will Display The Amount Of Ink Left In The Cartridge. The Program Can Be Also Be Used For Tracking The Amount Of Printed Pages By Days. When You Print A Paper, Enter The Number Of Printed Pages Into The Appropriate Field.

PhotoFantasy LE is a hilarious entertainment program that lets you place faces in a broad variety of backgrounds. Using the powerful masking tools, you can also make your own PhotoFantasy background templates using scanned images from magazine covers, ads, posters, calendars, tabloids and more. See yourself as an astronaut, a cover girl, or anything else you want to be! -- Create And Print Greeting Cards, Certificates, And Calendars Right From Your Color Inkjet Printer. Simply Select An Image From Their Regularly Updated Art Galleries, Then Add Your Message, And Print...It's That Easy. And, Best Of All...It's Free. This Is Not Clip Art. The Images Here Rival Or Surpass What Can Be Found On Products You'd Get From A Store Or Print Shop. (They Have A Patent-Pending Technology That Transfers The Best Of An On-Screen Image-Color And Exact Resolution - From The Internet To A Color Printer Through A Small Downloadable Plug-In.

StupidFax -- (Not!) This Free Program Works With Fax Modems To Automatically Print And Save Incoming Fax Calls. Incoming Faxes Are Routed And Printed to The Windows Default Printer. Incoming Faxes Are Logged With The Time, Date And Status Info. All Printed Files Are Logged With The Time, Date And Print Status Info. New Features. View A Fax On-Screen, All Configuration Parameters Saved, AutoPrint May Be Turned Off, Main Status Log Automatically Saved. Very Handy!

Iomega Photo Printer Software -- Sort, size, and print digital images with Iomega Photo Printer. Works with or without Iomega devices! Free! Try it now.

Form Pilot -- Do ya have a typewriter? I don't either but with this cool freebie, you don't need one! Form Pilot is specially designed for filling in paper forms (of any type) on your computer. It makes typewriters obsolete! Here's how it works: First, scan your paper form.... then open the form image in Form Pilot. Fill in the form on the screen and print it out. Now your form is ready to file or mail out!

Printer Changer -- A simple little program that allows you to easily change your default printer. Access is provided from a system-tray icon menu that shows all available printers; a check mark indicates your current printer. Simply make a selection from the menu to make the change.PrintChanger has one additional feature: the system-tray icon indicates the current date. It's very easy to use -- and it's free!

WPrinter Lite -- A handy, freeware system tray-based utility that lets you change your Windows 95/98 default printer with only two mouse clicks. Double-click on its icon to see the Printer Properties dialog, which allows to set printer orientation, paper size, and more. Move your mouse pointer over its icon and hold it for a second to see a tooltip pop up with the current printer's name. If you have more than one printer or are using a fax/modem, WPrinter Lite will make a great addition to your system tray.

Print Screen 2001 activates the PrnScn (Print Screen) button so that it sends a snapshot of either the full screen or, by using Alt-PrnScn keys, the active window to the default printer. This desktray-icon utility reverts back to the original use of the PrnScn key from the old MS-DOS days. The output can be turned off and on through the context menu, the colors can be inverted and the printer can be instructed to print in landscape (sidewards) mode.

PrintKey 2000 is an excellent Screen Shot manager! It is activated when you press the PrintScreen Key and allows you to capture the entire screen or any portion of it. You can then make changes to the screen capture and save in a variety of formats including .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .emf and .wmf. You can also swap colors, convert to grayscale or black and white, change picture size and send to the printer all from this little freeware program.

Hardcopy -- A system-tray-based tool that offers a quick and easy way to print the contents of your screen while in Windows. To send the contents of the entire screen to your printer, just click its icon or press your Print Screen key. If you want to print just the active window, press the Print Screen key while holding down the Alt key. You can also use your mouse to capture individual window components such as toolbars and buttons or cut out sections of the screen. In addition to printing, you can save captures in a wide variety of raster formats. Hardcopy offers an impressive set of image editing functions such as color and gray-scale conversion; several filters; and zoom, rotation, and flip tools. Other cool features let you insert cursors into screen shots after they've been captured; automatically save captures; and customize the toolbar, pull-down menus, and hotkeys.

Art-Copy 3.0 -- Turn your scanner into a copier or fax. Use your scanner to copy in color/greyscale and print it out on any printer. Or if you have a FAX Modem, it will let you scan to a FAX Modem. Full support for most popular scanners and printers. Easy to use and install. Attractive 3D, photo-realistic user interface. English, German and French languages supported.

ArcSoft PhotoPrinter 2.0LE -- FREE! Instantly fit all your favorite photos on one page. Saves paper and time, and makes printing fun! Works great with your color printer. Make your own stickers, photo-labels, postcards and notecards. Includes cool frames, borders, brushstroke edges and calendars. "If you're tired of wasting expensive photo-quality paper because you can only get one image on each sheet -- you need PhotoPrinter."

Make 3D images from 2D graphics! PhotoModeler Lite is a free application that helps you to extract measurements and 3D models from photos. By using a camera as an input device, the program allows you to capture a lot of accurate detail in a short amount of time. It then organizes the model building process by letting you trace over the pictures on the screen. To use it, take several photos of a scene or an object and open them in the program. Then mark each photo with the mouse, tracing and tagging features of interest.

The software then combines the photos and locates the marked features in 3D. The marks become accurately measured points, lines, or polygons in a single, unified 3D space. 3D points, 3D lines, surface meshes, and cylinders are created and may be exported in DXF, 3DS, and VRML formats. And, this is really neat: Photo-derived textures are extracted right from the original photographs and output and mapped to a 3D object. Don't worry if you don't quite understand it -- the included tutorial will get you up to speed quickly. Completely free, not crippled!

Photocopier-- Got a scanner and a printer? Why not combine those two into a copy machine? Photocopier lets you put a document on your scanners platen, start Photocopier and press its Copy button. After a few moments your printer produces a copy of the document. Photocopier takes the hassle out of scanning. No difficult settings to make, very user friendly. And it's free!

PrintFolder -- A Very Handy Utility To Print Or Save A List Of Files Located In Any Folder. Right-Click Any Folder In Windows Explorer And Select "PrintFolder" In The Popup Menu.

Copying Machine -- This Great Program Is For People Who Have A TWAIN-Scanner And A Printer Attached To Their PC. The Idea Is Very Simple, Making A Copy Of A Real Document By Scanning It In With The Scanner And Print It With The Printer. It Works Just Like Any Real Copying Machine, But Has Some Additional Capabilities. For Example You Can Save The Images To Disc So You Can Make Copies Of Them In The Future Without Having To Scan Them Again. You Can Also Make A Selection On A Page In Order To Zoom In On A Particular Part. Another Feature Is That You Can Align An Image On A Page, So The Copy Is Always Perfectly Centered On The Printed Page. ** NOTE: Click On "Windows" In The Menu Bar At Top Of Page to get to "Copying Machine".

Graph Paper Printer -- An Application Designed To Print Custom Graph Paper In Any Size And Colors. Numerous Options Are Available Through Dropdown Pick-Lists.

FinePrint -- Print Large, Documents In Convenient Booklets, Or At 2, 4, Or 8 Up Thumbnail Size. Great For Manuals, Legal Briefs, Transcripts, Presentations, Acrobat (PDF) Files, Source Code, Web Pages And Email. Control Printing By Previewing Documents And Deleting Unwanted Pages From Any Application. Create Custom Electronic Lettehead And Forms. No More Buying, Storing And Manually Loading Pre-Printed Letterhead. It Takes The Same Amount Of Time To Print 2 Or 4 Pages On A Sheet As It Does To Print One Page. ** The Trial Version Does Not Have A Time Limit But Prints A "FinePrint ID" At The Bottom Of Each Sheet. ( I use this tool regularly... it's Great! )

Avery Label Wizard -- Cool Free Software That Works With Microsoft Word To Create Labels That Can Be Printed On Any Printer.

EZ-Forms Maker -- A Tool For Designing And Printing Professional-Looking Forms. It Provides A Full Suite Of Object-Oriented Drawing Tools For Form, Design And Manipulation. Features Of It Include: A Multi-Document WYSIWYG Interface; Support For Printing Or Faxing Forms; Precise Control Over Layout(Including Size, Colors And Fonts); Metric Measurements; A Variety Of Printer Options; And More.

PCBook2 -- Printing Text Files Such As Readme Files Or Internet Standards Documents Can Use Up A Lot Of Paper. PCBook2 Can Help You Save Our Forests. It Can Print Up To Eight Pages On a Sheet Of Paper(Four On Each Side). In 2-Up Mode, A Booklet Option Lets You Print The Pages In The Proper Order To Stack Up The Sheets,Fold Them In half, And Staple Them At The Fold To Crate A booklet. Very Nice Folks!

WinMag Print Logger -- Know what documents you print, when and where you print them. The WinMag Print Logger records each completed print job in a special log file. The log file can be viewed, sorted, and imported into your favorite spreadsheet or word processor.

Impact ColorFax -- Add Color Faxing to your computer! Black Ice Software, Inc. with Hewlett Packard provides a fully functional color fax application as well as a black & white fax application, free of charge. Impact ColorFax is designed for users who need a simple but effective PC color fax solution. Impact ColorFax is a PC based stand-alone color fax software application designed to run on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Win95/98. It is also compatible with HP Color Fax technology. Impact ColorFax differentiates itself by offering Color Faxing that is not available from any other fax software vendors. It still has conventional features such as a simple and familiar user interface, single-port faxing, and black/white faxing. Features: - Compatible with Hewlett Packard OfficeJet 700 series and OfficeJet T series. - Supports a single communication port and is compatible with any Class 1 modem. -Color Faxing has a full implementation of industry standard ITU T.30-E. -Cover Page Generator and Editor: Create your own custom cover page with logos. -Viewer: display, zoom, and print images. -Standard Twain scanner interface. -Export/import of 5 different file formats and more. -Fax management through folders. -Fax queue management. -Phonebook with export and import. -Auto-printing of incoming faxes. -Auto-modem detection. Benefits: -Color adds impact and professionalism to your faxes, whether they are proposals, brochures or even greeting cards. -Save time and money vs. overnight delivery services for your color communications. -It’s easy and it’s FREE! System Requirement: -Microsoft Win95/98, NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 -Impact Fax is compatible with hundreds of modems.

InterPrint - is an Internet email management and printing solution. With InterPrint, messages sent to your email account can be automatically printed to your printer. Important messages will be waiting for you on your printer, instead of waiting for you to start your email client. Benefits: Web-based browsing of print job status. Print from anywhere; submit jobs locally, across the local network, or across the internet by email, IPP client, or through the browser. Print to anywhere; submit jobs to any printer the print system can access whether local or remote. Print anything; submit jobs as printer formatted data streams or in the native application format. Free download.

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